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Commercial law is a branch of private law that deals with commercial transactions and traders. Trade as a set of processes for the benefit of financial inter-mediation between production and consumption contributes effectively to the circulation of so-called economic goods.

Our office in the field of Commercial Law deals wit:

  • Intellectual property law
  • Banking Law

This mediating action manifests itself in various ways, such as transportation, insurance, lending, ordering, brokerage, etc. was known since antiquity. Nowadays, every such form has evolved to such an extent that it is presented as a large business with the motivation of course the corresponding profit.

The profit sought, however, is not entirely certain in commerce since it depends on a multitude of uncertain factors that make commercial energy quite risky. This uncertainty and the risk of loss in the pursuit of profit in the movement of goods are the main features of commercial transactions. It is at this point that a series of laws are adopted that set out the ways in which business practices can be lawful and contribute to overall development. The conditions in which trade was generally imposed since antiquity have particular arrangements for relations and particular rules of law. All of these rules are now called Commercial Law.

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