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Civil law is the field of law, which regulates disputes between individuals (“citizens”).

It is part of Private Law. It is the branch of law that first developed and was based on the other branches of private law.

In Greece, it is regulated by the Civil Code and is divided into five parts.

Our office in the field of Civil Law deals with:

  • Delinquency (traffic accidents, all kinds of damages)
  • Family law
  • Real law
  • Expropriation law
  • Land register
  • Contract law (leases, contract law, real estate transactions)
  • Payment orders
  • Interim measures

General Principles of Civil Law: this section contains general definitions that cover all Civil Law, such as what is a natural and legal person, what is a will and a legal act, how and when a contract is validly drawn up (proposal, acceptance, etc.), what it is the consequences of willpower defects (delusion, fraud, threat), etc.

Contract Law regulates the obligations, ie the legal relationships on the basis of which one person owes a benefit to another. There are two main items, contractual obligations and legal obligations. The Law of Debt regulates the rights and obligations of a debtor and lender of a benefit, the abnormal development of a fault (failure to provide, default, debtor default), individual contracts and delinquency.

Real Law regulates the absolute rights over things such as ownership, possesion, usufruct, rights, pawn, mortgage. Real estate defines what these rights are, what their contents are, how they are set up, how they are transferred and how they are protected.

Family law governs marriage, obligations and rights of spouses, dissolution of marriage, parental responsibility for children, rights and obligations of parents and children, adoption and maintenance between spouses and relatives.

Inheritance law regulates inheritance, covenant, inheritance, legal fate, etc.

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