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In the broad sense of the term, Criminal Law is the set of rules of law governing the exercise of criminal authority (that is, the imposition of prescribed penalties on delinquency) of a State by statutory bodies as provided by the constitution of each country.

Modern Criminal Law is exclusively public in nature, and criminal punishment is always pursued in the public interest. This is the end of his career. Historically (globally) Criminal Law has gone through three stages.

Our office in the field of Criminal Law deals with:

  • Criminal conciliation
  • Criminal bargaining
  • Offense and Memorandum Crimes
  • Crimes against the environment
  • Crimes against honor
  • Crimes against property

In the first stage, and especially in the early years, crime was considered “blasphemous” against deity, and the punishment was considered to be a sacred revenge that usually consisted in the expulsion of the offender from the religious community. Consequently, the various mythologies gave the first criminal rules. In the second phase (now ancient historical period) crime is considered to violate the interests of the social group formed in the community by blood, and the punishment was the enforced revenge that the victim’s group opposed to the offender’s group.

The second stage is the one in which the system of compositions appears to have evolved whereby revenge could have been avoided if compensation had been paid. Initially both the sufferer and his relatives could choose between indemnity and revenge, but later it became obligatory to accept the indemnity, which only if not paid, would have the right to seek revenge.

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