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Labor law is the set of rules governing the social relation of dependent labor, remuneration and the legal status of those who derive it from the profession.

Labor law is a special branch of legal science with the aim of researching and studying the whole set of rules governing employment relations. It is linked to the concept of autonomy in a context of collective implementation and action.

Our office in the field of Labor Law deals with:

  • Private and public sector workers’ compensation
  • Claiming remuneration

Unlike other branches of law, it maintains a particular culture and methodology for its application. It is explicitly linked to international reality and directly incorporates labor-related issues, in particular within the ILO and the European Union (for its Member States).

As a branch of law, labor law is an autonomous branch which is considered part of Private law. Before considering itself as an independent industry, looking at civil law and in particular contract law. In many respects labor law has points in common with public law.

The birth and development of Labor Law came as a result of workers’ collective struggles to improve working conditions. These struggles forced the various States to introduce provisions for the protection of workers and the recognition of trade unions in the legal system. The first such regulations appeared in England in the 19th century and in the early 20th century Labor Law emerged as an autonomous branch of law.

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