DEI: Expropriation of settlement for € 12.5 million

The final settlement of the issue of compensation for the expropriation of the Pteleona Community of the Municipality of Eordaia was undertaken by DEI with the deposit of an amount of EUR 12.5 million in favor of the beneficiaries.

“With the publication in the Government Gazette of the DEI deposit at the Deposits and Loans Fund, beneficiaries have finally resolved a problem that has plagued the local community for the last 10 years,” the district said, adding that it was a small a village located on the southwestern part of Vermio and used by the DEI to deposit the soil of the South Field Mine.

The payment of compensation for the purchase of the property of the inhabitants of the settlement in order to relocate to other areas has permanently settled the issue, which has remained open for about a decade.

As the DEI President emphasized, the policy of the DEI administration is “to solve, as far as its jurisdiction is, the real problems of the citizens, and the only effective method in this regard is dialogue and cooperation”.

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