Final end by the Cοuncil of State in the re-allocation of the 13th and 14th salaries to the State

Εnd of the 13th and 14th salaries for the 600,000 civil servants, as the plenary of the Supreme Court has irrevocably accepted that the memorandum provisions that abolished them are legal and constitutional.

Indeed, social security experts estimate that this ruling will affect both the upcoming decisions of Supreme Court concerning the Katrugalos law cuts to primary and auxiliary pensions, as well as the gift cuts to retirees.

With ten resolutions (No. 1307-1316 / 2019), the Plenary of the Council of State irrevocably ruled that current civil servants are not entitled to receive a Christmas Gift, an Easter Gift and a work permit allowance.

In essence, these decisions of the Plenary Assembly of the Cοuncil of State overturned a number of (2626-2635 / 2018) decisions adopted by its Section F, which had ruled that the cuts in the Civil Servants’ Bonuses were contrary to the articles 25 and 4 of the Constitution and the resulting equality and proportionality principles.

Subverting this rationale and proposing strict budgetary criteria, the Plenary concluded that the Bonuses, which civil servants in active service had received for decades, should not be paid from now on.

“While the country’s political staff is celebrating in various tones, laughing at our deplorable people, that by August 2018 we have come out of the Memorandums, with its current decisions the Cοuncil of State plenary sends a message that the Memorandum policies, have restricted social rights and achievements for a whole century, they will continue to be in force, “the Union for the Defense of Labor and Social Welfare states.

According to ENYPEKKK, this unpleasant development for the Public Sector will also affect the outcome of pending cases before the Cοuncil of State over the issue of payment of gifts and allowances to pensioners.

ENYPEKK, despite this negative judicial development, emphasizes in its announcement that it will continue to defend the rights of employees and retirees, while ADEDY has strongly reacted to the Cοuncil of State decision on gifts, saying it will continue to claim the gifts grant by the government until they are re-legislated.

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